Caffe Gelato

Caffe Gelato is a restaurant located in Newark, DE that features gourmet Italian-American dining.

During my time at Caffe Gelato, I was in charge of capturing the essence of the restaurant through photography/design and creating content for their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook daily.

Using product placement, I was able to connect with our partnered brands. This helped Caffe Gelato gain more monthly followers and produce more interactive content. 

I worked alongside bartenders to help showcase different seasonal cocktails. 

Because the restaurant is located in a college town, I made sure to capture student life at Caffe Gelato which helped us gain a younger following (and many reposts). 

Caffe Gelato takes pride in their marketplace, and they deliver fresh groceries and home meals.

I often worked with chefs to capture alluring shots of our signature dishes. 

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